Are you bored with the common teaching approaches, being sitting again after 8 hours in the job, mostly listening and reading the explanations of the grammar and not saying nothing? So, let me offer you our methods, and present you La Españolita- the creative and real ways of teaching  and learning Spanish and Slovak with joy!


–  1. visit our clients wherever they need, our teachers travel to your courses,

so you save your time and money

 – 2.teach with techniques using 4 special linguistic methods, 

so you will learn by the most effective technique according to your studying style and purpose

The structural approach and Audio-lingual, The Natural communicative approach, Task-based language learning, Total Physical Response /

 – 3. hold the part of the courses in outdoor,

so  you learn in a real situations and have a multisenzorial experience, what helps to memorize

La Españolita is a creative, balanced and respectful application of the learning skills of our students and clients.

WHO and WHERE ?     –People in the COMPANIES in Bratislava/ in the company                                 

                                         –Children in kindergarden, primary school and high schools

                                           Only YOU/ outdoor lessons, classroom, home

                                           You with your FRIENDS/ arranged places clients

  • The environment of the lessons represents mainly the outside world, real situation or subjective topics, in order that the students can experience the speaking and new words in the real world using all the linguistic knowledge  from the first lesson. 

  • The methods by La Españolita care about the student´s motivation, and lead the lessons the way lest the students are really interested. The correct application of the methods facilitates  good memorizing and easiness of the learning process,

  • The learning of the grammar is inductive, arranged into very natural situations and interactive presentations, therefore is very well memorable and for sure entertaining!

  • The student is mostly who guides the lesson, the speed, activities, topics, discovering the grammar rules as a final status of the natural approach. This is called a Direct method, the most effective for the active type of student.

  • The lessons can be arranged being structured and more grammatical, or more emphatic about communication, always depending on the purpose and learning style of the client. We care about what you learn and how you learn!

  • The lessons are held as a multisenzorial experience / using videos, role-plays, pictures, songs, observation,  real objects, ../boosting the motivation, easy memorizing,  speaking from the every beginning and comprehension 

  •  Specially for kids it is a funny way how  to learn the language, together with creating, moving or singing. The lessons for kids or schools can be joined with live guitar music.

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