Spanish in Companies

Lessons in companies
Effective and joyful way of self linguistic development
Lekcie vo firmách
Efektívny a užitočný spôsob sebarozvoja


  Would you like to be able to speak with your Spanish speaking colleagues in Spanish in a comfortable place without hurrying up to a language school? Our teachers come to you. You can arrange a group of people or just have One to one classes in some of the company – rooms.

  We offer you a quick and verified recipe, how to melt the grammar and an active speaking. so you will be able to speak Spanish already after the first session. Friendly atmosphere at the classes will  encourage you to throw the stress away and say something!

  We will teach you to form phrases by yourself since the first lesson you take. The functional developed method we use, was also confirmed many times,by the success of our students who could not speak, just understand. 

During the classes in companies I focus mainly on:

1. the time, which is spent meaningfully, not pen and papers, but creativity and words.
2. the student dedicate 70 percent to speaking and practical exercises and 30 percent to new language structures and grammar.
3. If you decide to fill the gaps or exercises from the student book, please do it at home, because on our lessons are really dynamic, interactive and as effective as can be for you.
4. The lessons go in multi – sensorial way of teaching, what supports the capacity of integration of all the important learning skills and improves the memory.
Preferred number of the students is between 2 and 6.
Have a quick look into The Methods HERE.