Slovak in a daily life
Speak and speak more!
Inductive teaching
Learning on the way
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   Do you feel bad about learning something in Slovak but forgetting it all when you have to speak? Let´s remember the things you learn by living them!

  •    Slovak is really a difficult language to learn it mainly by grammar or separated words. The main key to successful learning is using the very frequent and repetitive phrases and phrasal idioms in the situations you live day by day. Ones when you get that structures you will be able to form more complicated and new phrases.

  We don´t want to teach you remembering the rules but to using them naturally in the context. 

  • We offer pleasant and sophisticated methods to provide you the speaking skills. Not just to understand but to speak, melting down the stress of speaking. We hold the lessons in a relaxed communication of daily- needed phrases just in those places you visit, where you need to go or simply want to speak about.

So, let´s go outside with a tablet, miniboard, few dosis of new vocabulary and not just sitting in the class..

Minimum  number of lessons is 10. The book Krížom Krážom is recommended.

To know more about my methods please click HERE.